Become a Festival One Ambassador

Want to become a Festival Ambassador and earn yourself a free ticket to Festival One 2017? Well, read on.

We’ve been scratching our head at Festival HQ on how we could reward the passionate individuals who lead the pack and have herded their mates to events for years. After much thought we dreamt up the Festival Ambassador system.

Whether you’re a youth group leader, church camp organiser or just an absolute frother, we’re empowering you to earn your money back by sharing and promoting your own unique group code to friends and contacts. Simply organise a group of mates to come to Festival One, and for every 20 people that you bring we will spot you one free adult weekend pass.

So the question on your lips, how does it all work?

1) Head over to this link to get your group code.

2) Spread the word – send your group code to everyone you know to use when purchasing their ticket.

3) Let your team know that the code is to be entered in the demographics section in the ticket purchasing process.

3) Cut off is the 2nd of December. If 20 people have used your unique code you will be sent your free pass.

If you’re in a rush to get your ticket and have got 20+ of your mates registered before the cut off date, simply message your unique code to and we’ll get your complimentary eTicket out to you as soon as possible!

There’s no time to waste, invite your friends from youth group, distant relatives and worst enemies. Best of luck!

Still scratching your head in confusion? Check out our groups FAQ here!