Fraser Grut

“What’s your dream?” Asking, revealing and capturing a project that will last 27.3972 years! 

Fraser Grut heads the global movement ‘10,000 Dreams’. Every single day for 10,000 days, Fraser films a different person answering the question – “”What’s your dream?”” Starting on December 8th 2016 (age 22) Fraser will finish his project on April 25th 2044 (age 50). Capturing the dreams of Prime Ministers, more than 300 celebrities (including Dame Jane Goodall, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Jessica Alba, Mark Cuban, Elle Macpherson, Rick Warren, Ricky Gervais, Ronan Keating, All Blacks, The Wiggles and more); kids, elderly, people of every race/religion; blind people, deaf people, people with cerebral palsy, refugees, homeless people, billionaires, Olympians and Oscar winners, this project has completely changed Fraser’s life and outlook. Called to inspire people to pursue their God-given dreams and be full of hope, no matter who you are, “My dream is to help the entire world dream.”