A few words with Tom from Black Boy Peaches…

Black Boy Peaches are an alternative/contemporary rock duo heralding from Dunedin and Auckland. With a soundscape falling somewhere in the sweet spot between Foo Fighters and Incubus, they boast an epic live show comprised of high-energy vocals, soaring rhythm-guitar and powerful drum rhythms. We caught up with Tom from the band to talk about what his must haves are for a successful festival experience and what he’s looking forward to about Festival One.

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

We are a duo, brothers from Dunedin. We’ve been playing together since 2009 and in our current 2-piece arrangement since 2011. Hamish is studying social work, and I’m heading back to uni this year to study theology for a couple of years. Music is not quite *everything*, but it is a huge driving force for us! We can’t help but write and practice, dream and perform… we plan to keep doing it together, extending our musical boundaries, jamming.

2) The word community tends to be a bit of a buzzword these days. If you were to strip it back what would you say it meant to you?

I like the idea that a true community is what you could call ‘communitas’ – a group of people with a shared purpose, who need each other and are driven by that purpose into deeper reliance upon themselves, each other and God. It’s about risk, courage and adventure. (See Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost’s The Faith Of Leap).

3) Where do you seek creative inspiration?

I like to keep small regular things happening… Reading the Bible most days, writing as much as possible, practising drums or something musical. Diligence and a little routine helps nourish creativity for me. Then, getting out and about and being with people, getting outside, being spontaneous, reading, listening, watching… It all helps!

4) What are your top three festival essentials for a killer campsite?

a. A decent pillow to ensure good sleep.
b. Coffee plunger, fresh grounds, gas cooker and kettle.
c. A rugby ball for throwing around.

5) The ultimate summer mixtape – what’s on it?

Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson. | Something From Nothing, Foo Fighters. |  Weight Of Love, The Black Keys. | Time Is Running Out, Muse. | Coachella, Brooke Fraser. | Romeo and Juliet, Dire Straits. | All You Had To Do Was Stay, Taylor Swift. | Something funky from Snarky Puppy. And then, surprise me!

6) What are you most looking forward to about playing at Festival One?

I love playing the drums – just that itself will be a blast – jamming with Hamish, playing our new songs for people. Also, we are playing at Music Box both Friday and Saturday night. Last year that was the outdoor truck stage – and outdoor gigs in the summer time are so great. Often musicians are locked away indoors in small practice cupboards, but when you take it outside the music gets free! So I’m looking forward to that.

Find out more about the band over on their website!