Your Stories from Festival One 2015

We put out the call last week for submissions for your Festival One 2015 memories! A big thank you to everyone who sent through their favourite moments and photos. Take a read of some of the collection of memories below.

Richard Yarndley – “The best moment I had was having the chance to direct the main stage for a while! That was EPIC!”

Ashlee Joanne Granich – “I absolutely loved that there was a variety of different places to go to throughout the day! I loved that peaceful tent, I can’t remember what it’s called, but I had such quiet, peaceful soaking times in there, and at one point I even fell asleep! Which was good because I had sleeping issues! God also spoke to me, he said, ‘This depression isn’t your story, it’s part of your story, and it’s going to help change other peoples lives. I’ve got you, trust in me and you will learn of the greatness I have for you!’ This was awesome because I had been diagnosed the week before festival, and it had brought me down quite a bit! Festival One was awesome and I can’t wait for next year!!”

Andrew Slane – “I’d never been to Parachute before and didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was so welcoming and I made a lot of new friends (you know who you are). Can’t wait for next year. The V slushys were also v tasty!”

Ammon Middleton – “The best experience I had was when all of us were getting to know each other and go out to all the great venues. I had the best night ever! I can’t wait for next year.”

Johanna Meyer – “The after show by Jon Foreman on Saturday night! Got to meet/shake hands with him; awesome experience.”

Jordan Charley Olsen – “I loved the free food after the secret show on the Monday. It was awesome!!!!”

Yvonne Heng – “Skating in The One Arena”

Rachel Roche – “We love the ritual of the annual pilgrimage to hang in community and be with our kids as they connect across the generations.”

Grace Bucknell – “Sitting in the big marquee with heaps of new and old friends as well as heaps of strangers, singing songs at the top of lungs. A war broke out between another group also singing songs until we decided to band together and have the greatest sing-a-long of all time. Four guitars, bongo drums and the voices of a whole heap of Festival goers, singing everything from Halo by Beyonce to Amazing Grace and Our God is an Awesome God. It was such a magical moment that captured the community spirit of Festival One, a group of strangers became like family and it was awesome!”

Reading through your memories from Festival One 2015 has got us a little bit excited about next year. We can’t wait to create a whole load of new memories with you guys. Remember if you would like to get your ticket at the cheapest price possible you can do so by grabbing your early bird ticket today!