Open Letter

From how it all began ’til right now. Read an open letter from the Executive Director.

We need your help! We have no idea how to advertise this thing!

Let’s go back a step. 

I was walking up a hill on Waiheke Island, cup of coffee in my hand, when a good friend of mine – Ian Kuperus – said, “G, what do you think about Parachute Festival being cancelled?” 

I told him I was gutted. That I had been to every one since it had moved North, and I knew that he had done almost the same. 

Ian said, “If I found underwriting for it, would you run it?”. 


And that was it!  May 24, 2014. 

Since then we’ve absolutely gone for it! 

And now, here we are. Mystery Creek booked for Auckland & Waikato Anniversary Weekend. Great artists and bands booked. More on the way. An amazing array of speakers being discussed. And we’ve spent ages dreaming and scheming of ways to make being at FestivalOne a truly memorable experience. With so much more going on than ever before! The most massive free BBQ on Saturday night. Short Film comp and Festival, Instagram exhibitions, building your own amazing tenting sites and communities. On and on and on!

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So what’s the problem? Simply put, there is so much to  be told, to be discovered, that we just can’t do it in a 30 sec ad, or a billboard. 

So we are not going to advertise. Sure we will be on news and gig guides and the like. But Festival One is not about shouting on ads. It is actually about us – all of us – coming together and enjoying each other’s company, enjoying being part of God’s big family. 

And we know so many of you wanted a Festival to keep coming. 

So there it is. Cruise the website ( find out more. Pick up what ever you want. Share it with your friends, your family, church, youth group. 

From here on … over to you!

Graham Burt

Executive Director