Catch-up with Aaron Boyens from Wilderness Love

Wilderness Love, is a Hamilton based band with a dream to create community through creativity and the love of God. We caught up with Wilderness Love member Aaron Boyens to find out what he’s looking forward to at Festival, what supplies he’ll have packed and what tunes will be on his playlist this summer.

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I spend a lot of my time with a guitar, pen or Bible in hand – often all three. If I’m not pre-occupied with one of those things I might be brewing coffee out of the boot of my Toyota Corona or deep in conversation in a lamp-lit corner over some hidden mystery I think I might now see.

What I love is people starting to see their own value. Music is this huge point of connection that can open people up to start living out of the magnificent possibility planted inside. I hope to pull words and melodies together that disarm people enough to catch that.

2) The word community tends to be a bit of a buzzword these days. If you were to strip it back what would you say it meant to you?

Family is the kind of community I long to see everywhere.

3) Where do you seek creative inspiration?

Any kind of listening is food for creative expression.

Just as one must breathe in to then breathe out.

Inspiration = Inhalation

What exactly I breathe in or listen to changes frequently: the scene down by the river near my house, the state of my sisters heart as she shares her day, an article on world politics, a local catastrophe, the smile of a stranger. Anything that I still myself to – long enough to take in – can then be processed within and find reformation in whatever avenue of expression I choose.

4) What are your top three festival essentials for a killer campsite?

A pour-over coffee kit, a banged up guitar, and a journal.

5) The ultimate summer mixtape – what’s on it?

Ah, so much goodness to include.. a few would be:

United Pursuit – Simple Gospel. Foy Vance – Hope. John Mayer – Where The Light Is. Amanda Cook – Brave New World. Snarky Puppy – We Like It here

6) What are you most looking forward to about playing at Festival?

So looking forward to sharing in the gift of music, and seeing people come to know (or know more deeply) a tremendously loving and personal God.

You can find out more about Wilderness Love and listen to their album Makeshift Mansion here.