Karen Sewell

In this Artist talk Karen will unpack her artwork Chapel of the Soul: Wonder Tree – providing insights into the intersection of her faith and creative process within the context of contemporary culture. She will explore the key ideas and inspiration for Chapel of the Soul: those of Identity, Hope and Eternity.

Karen Sewell was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1969. Sewell works across multiple media including sculpture, installation, painting, drawing and photography, specialising in installation practice. Since graduating in 2016 with a Master of Fine Arts with honours, she has been selected for a number of larger scale projects in public spaces including Art and Music Festivals and sculptural events. She won the Premier Award of the Trust Art and Sculpture Awards in 2011, finalist in the NZ Portrait awards in 2012, finalist in the Wallace Art Awards in 2013 and the Glaister Ennor Graduate Awards in 2016. She lives in East Auckland and works from her studio in Ponsonby, Auckland Central.